Saturday, August 8, 2015

Disney Park Map Lamp Shade

Disney Park Map Lamp Shade Tutorial

For my first DIY post I decided to share our Disney map lamp shade tutorial. One way to save money, for us, is to create item's from the fun thing's you can pick up for free at any Disney park. These include, sticker's, celebration button's, your ticket to the park, etc.

My two boy's share a room in our 90 year old craftsman style home. I am a huge fan of painting with neutral color's so that I can change the decor as much as I want or as they grow. Right now they are one and four and their decor is of course a Mickey Mouse theme. We have this amazing lamp that is from my husband's childhood room. When it moved into our house it had a really drab, faded and outdated mustard colored lamp shade. I luckily had a spare lamp shade that fit the lamp, but it was a very boring white. Here is what we did with the maps and lamp shade:

Item's Needed:
1 - Lamp shade
2 - Mod Podge
3 - Sponge Paint Brush
4 - Disney Park Map's 

1 - Lay map's out flat and arrange them with the part's you would like to see.
2 - Make sure your lamp shade does not have any dust as this will make your map's bubble.
3 - Paint Mod Podge directly on to the lamp shade's flat surface (make sure to do one section at a time so that it does not dry while you're still working in another area).
4 - Lay the map on to the Mod Podge and press from the center out to release all of the air.
5 - Paint another layer of Mod Podge over the map to create the matte/glossy look (depending on what you prefer they sell both types). This also prevent's the map from folding away from the lamp shade. 
6 - Let the flat surface dry for 24 hrs. 
7- After the flat part has dried repeat the process with the edge's carefully folding them in to the center of the lamp shade to create a finished look. 
8- An optional idea is to also hot glue gun ribbon to the edge's for extra detail. 

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