Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Money Saving - Item's to Purchase at Home for a Disney Vacation:

Today I want to share a list of important item's that are much cheaper if you purchase them before your vacation. We have unfortunately had to pay park prices for certain item's that we either forgot, or ran out of, and it was a hard pill for me to swallow as a coupon cutting, alway's trying to save money mama.


I love rain storm's at Walt Disney World! It's refreshing, it's still warm out, the thunder is exciting, it's quite fun! However, it is a little more difficult if you're caught there without rain gear. They do sell adorable poncho's in just about every store, but they're expensive!

We like to buy poncho's ahead of time at Target or Walmart for $1. They usually only last us one trip, but for us it is worth the saving's to bring them, use them there and then toss them. That way we don't feel guilty if we don't drag the wet things home too.

Hand Sanitizer Wipe's:

Germ's are everywhere at Disney park's. We like to pack the hand sanitizing wipe's to clean our hand's often. There aren't always bathroom's right next to all eating area's so we have found this to be helpful. Target sells them for $1/travel pack in their travel size section.


These are of course a necessity. I alway's pack an entire package of diaper's and several package's of wipe's. Planning for at least 4 to 5 per day, per child.

On our last trip our son was 3 months old, which as any mommy know's, the younger they are the more diaper's they require. As prepared as I thought we were, we ran out! You have a couple option's if this happens. The Disney owned hotel's do sell packages of Huggie's (Mickey themed ;))  in their store's. They also have them to purchase in the baby care center's. Either way they end up being about $1/diaper. HUGE price jump from the .17/diaper I'm used to at home. You can also drive (if you have a rental car) or take a taxi (also expensive) to a nearby store. We decided by the time we took the bus or taxi it would still be more cost and time efficient to buy the park one's.

Some people do have them shipped to their hotel ahead of time too! Ordering them online could prevent this problem and save money. I haven't tried this yet, but would love to hear experiences if someone else has!


Hand held fan's are wonderful for everyone on a hot day. Disney park's sell cute mister fan's that are around $15. When our oldest son was one I found a fan for $1/Walmart that was foam so if he grabbed it, it wouldn't hurt him. Ive also noticed the spray mister fan for $5 online. We like to save money by packing these. We also let our little one put Disney sticker's on his fan to make it his own.


We have been sick several time's during our vacation's. I usually pack a variety of medication's to cover all ailment's.

On my first trip to Walt Disney World though I was less prepared being that we had our wedding the day before and I was exhausted from all of the celebrating. I came down with a cold. We purchased the two pill box of Tylenol cold that they offered at Main Street's Emporium. It was $6 for the two pill's. Ugh!

How do you save money if you're already there? Each Disney park has a first aid center that offer's over the counter medications, bandages, storage for medication's that need to be refrigerated, disposal containers for hypodermic needles and they have nurses you can talk to and who can take your temperature. I've visited them many time's with our little one's who were feverish.

 If you need to purchase medication the hotel's sell a variety in their store's. In the park's they also offer it in merchandise shops although you may have to ask where it is. Baby care center's also offer baby medications in their on-site store.

Glow Stick's:

We love to buy glow stick's for the kid's instead of spending money on the knick knack's they sell at night during parade's and firework show's. They're usually about a $1 at Target OR 2/$1 at the dollar store. We try to have one for each night of our trip.

The kid's love them and they're very easy to pack.

If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for reading!

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