Friday, August 7, 2015

When I fell in love with Disney!

For this post I thought I would start by telling you about my first experiences with Disney park's and why I fell in love with Disney.

My First Disney Park Visit:
My first visit was to Disneyland when I was eight. We stopped there on a road trip from Washington to Arizona. My sister and I saved our pennies in an old margarine container until we had enough to buy our 1-day ticket's into the park, which were only about $25 then. As an eight year old I of course had a fantastic time, but I didn't have the appreciation and love for Disney park's I do now, until I was 23.

When I Fell in Love with Disney Parks:
My love for Disney really began during our first trip to Walt Disney World in 2005 (which I will focus on for the remainder of this post since it is where I truly began my love for Disney). We went for our honeymoon. My husband had been there a few times, but I hadn't and I am actually the one who begged him to make that our first trip together. While it was "magical" in the sense that they have amazing firework's, show's, etc., my appreciation for it, as an adult, was in the amazing details, food, atmosphere and hidden secret's created by Disney cast members and imagineer's. As someone who had only visited Disneyland (especially prior to their expansion with Disney's California Adventure Park) I had no idea what was in store for me at Walt Disney World.

Why I Fell in Love with Disney Parks: 
I fell in love with Disney park's and specifically WDW at this time due to the ease of getting around, the food, the detail's and the hidden places and quiet corner's (that, to me, are more magical than the fireworks).

The transportation, when you stay in an on property resort at Walt Disney World, is wonderful (it is a different process at Disneyland). They have their own area in the airport, which is really easy to find, and the motorcoach bring's you directly to your hotel. Our favorite part is that you can check your bag at your home airport and they will deliver it to your hotel room eliminating extra stress once you arrive! So AWESOME especially now that we have kid's. They also have their own transportation system to transport guests from their hotel to the park's including a bus, monorail or boat, depending on where you are staying. How great is that? And who doesn't love a boat or monorail ride?

The food is amazing! We had the dining plan on my first trip, which included one counter service, one snack and one sit down meal. This can also include character dining experience's at several different restaurant's. The photo below is from our honeymoon when we ate at Liberty Tree Tavern's character meal. The meal plan made dining very easy especially since we made our reservation's several months prior to departure. They have made adjustment's to the plan over the year's, but it is still wonderful for us because we don't have to worry about price and we plan everything in advance so it take's the stress off of us while we are there. I loved this on our honeymoon because we had our dinner reservation's planned in advance and we could pick a counter service depending on where we were at the time. It gave us more time to play not having to worry or argue about where dinner would be. Plus, we really had fun planning it out in advance at home. There are so many incredible restaurants that you definitely want to plan too (I will do another post on our favorite's).

The detail's I love include the flower's and topiary's, the amazing theme's throughout their ride's, restaurant's and hotel's and the amount of attention they pay to each area. I could go on and on about detail's! And the best part is that every time we go we notice something new.

For us the hidden place's and the quiet corner's, are, for example, when you get a boat ride to yourself because magically no one else is in line or you find a quiet bench in the World Showcase and get to listen to The British Revolution with your spouse. There are so many wonderful spaces to explore!  Although it is such a busy place we alway's find a space where it is just us. It's fantastic. WDW offer's such a great opportunity to find what you appreciate - whether it be busy places or quite area's.

Since my first Disney trip I have been to Disneyland six times and to Walt Disney World ten time's. We have been to both park's several time's both with and with out kid's. With both of us loving it so much I became a Disney Wife for Life as we are alway's planning and looking forward to our next trip and we even joke about retiring there someday. I look forward to sharing our experience's, suggestion's and tip's with you! Thanks for reading.  If you have any question's please ask. I love to share my knowledge and experience's.

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