Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DIY Mickey Headband

As a mom to two wonderful boy's I get to make many fun boy-type projects, which I fully enjoy. Sometime's though, I get the itch to create girly thing's, which either leaves me making them for myself or for my adorable nieces.

This one I made for myself for our last Walt Disney World trip, although I wear it at home all the time too!  This is one of my favorite headband's because it is so stretchy it never gives me a headache yet it stays in place. I also used material's that I already had in the house, which alway's makes me happy!

What you need:
- Pair of nylon's
- A few piece's of fabric
- Felt
- Hot glue gun and glue
- Scissors

1: Cut two strips of fabric. Mine were 1/2" wide by 15" long.

2: Cut one of the two strips in half to make two smaller strips.

3: Cut three pieces of felt. I cut mine the size I wanted my Mickey to end up. I like to leave a little extra to cut off after your done glueing so that I don't run out of space. I also leave my felt in the shape of a square so that I have some finger room to maneuver around the hot glue gun without getting burned. You can cut the corner's off later. 

4: Tie a knot in the end you are going to begin glueing first. This create's a center for the fabric and also prevent's burning your finger's. 

5: Start glueing your longest piece of fabric's knot to your felt beginning in the center and working your way around to make a "rose". 

6: Repeat step 5's process with the two smaller pieces to make Mickey's ears. 

7: Take a pair of old nylon's and cut one leg off. Then sew the foot of the nylon's to the top of the leg to create a circle that fit's your head.


 8: Glue your Mickey to the nylon's starting with Mickey's head so that you can make sure it is centered. Make sure to glue it over your stitching so that it is hidden under the Mickey.

Another idea would be to add a bow to make it a Minnie instead. I opted out of this since my boy's are huge Mickey fan's right now. If you wanted to do this -  I would tie a bow in some ribbon and glue it to the ear! If you do so share a picture. I would love to see how it turn out.


  1. Hi, Meaghan. This is an adorable idea! I'd like to make one for my granddaughter Stella. Thanks!!

  2. =0) You should definitely do so. I bet she would love it. Thanks Gloria!