Monday, November 9, 2015

Stroller Redo: Personalize your stroller to stand out in a Disney park.

I just bought this stroller for $15! It is hard to tell from the photo but it was very faded and had quite a bit of mildew. I love this stroller because it is super maneuverable, has a large basket underneath for storage and is VERY light weight. 

I went to Walmart and found some upholstery fabric in the clearance section in an okay (but very noticeable) maroon color. I was hoping for something bright since it will stand out in a crowd of stroller's at a Disney park. I also had to purchase a little bit of Mickey fabric for a Disney touch. The total cost for fabric was $5.

I started by cleaning the whole thing with dish soap and water. The best thing I found to remove the mildew was Lysol Mildew and Shower cleaner. It does contain a bit of bleach, but it didn't seem to change the fabric at all and definitely removed the mildew spot's.

Next I removed the canopy of the stroller. I cut it into several section's to make a pattern.  I numbered them from 1-4 so that I could remember what order they went in when sewing them together. Here is an example:

Once I had sewn the canopy back together I added a small pocket in the back for park map's AND a small window. The original canopy was also a little bit short and since we wanted more shade I extended the canopy by cutting the front piece two inches longer. I hand stitched the rest of the fabric to the seat since you could not remove it and the grey was in okay condition.

I am very happy with how it turned out! See the "hidden" Mickey's? They're on the black fabric.

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