Friday, September 18, 2015

Disneyland Hotel Review's: Paradise Pier

I get a lot of questions about Disney hotels from clients. Since we have either visited or stayed in each hotel I thought I would take the time and do a series of information and reviews from our experiences with Disney property's.

For this post I will focus on Paradise Pier at Disneyland.

We have stayed at Paradise Pier twice. Once in 2007 and again in 2013. It is the cheaper choice of the three Disney owned properties at Disneyland. It is a nice boardwalk themed hotel with very large beach-style rooms and great views. It was clean and the staff was inc
redibly friendly and helpful during our visits.

The walk to the parks is a little bit long but not too bad at all - about 15 minutes from hotel to Disneyland's entrance. We stayed there when our son was 2 and never had a problem walking back to the hotel to rest. I also really enjoyed the walk through downtown Disney to/from the parks and you can catch the monorail into Disneyland from Downtown Disney which is fun too. The landscaping is beautiful and the pathways are wide and clean.


We really loved our room at Paradise Pier. They are pretty large, bright and cheery and clean. They sleep up to 5 people. The bedding has changed a little since this photo was taken, but the size, cleanliness and of course the view are the same. We had a view of the pool during our second stay and were on a lower floor and our first stay had a view of California Adventure park. Both were wonderful.


The pool at Paradise Pier is a roof top pool. It is located on the third floor terrace and is clean and a lot of fun. We usually visited there at night and really enjoyed it - although it was a little busy.


The lobby is smaller than I would usually like and is pretty disappointing as far as lobby's go. There is an entrance area that has the check in/out desk, concierge and entrance to their restaurant. Down the hall there is a door to a tv room that play's Disney cartoon's (see photo). Our then three year old loved it. There is also a door to an arcade area. I'm not a huge fan of the main floor of the hotel. It doesn't feel very inviting or open to me. When you first walk in you are greeted by a Goofy statue though, which is pretty darn cute. The photo on the left looking up at the ceiling the  main entrance.

PCH Grill is a beach themed restaurant located in the main entrance area at Paradise Pier. They offer a breakfast buffet (character dining) and a dinner buffet. We have not been to either as we prefer to get to the park's and enjoy the park ambiance while we eat, but I have heard wonderful thing's about both buffet's. Prices range from $15 - $60.  For menu information check Disneyland's website.

I would give this hotel a rating of 3 out of 5. It is comfortable and clean. If you're wanting to feel like you're staying in the Disney bubble it is an okay choice. There are hotel's of equal amenities and of equal distance that are a cheaper option so it really depend's on what you're hoping to get out of your vacation. Their lobby is very disappointing in my opinion, but they do maintain the Disney customer service. If you have any additional question's please feel free to ask me!

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