Friday, September 11, 2015

DIY Bleach Spray Character Tee

My son and I are always doing DIY projects for our one on one time.  We love this DIY bleach spray tee shirt so much we have done it four times. Today I'm going to share two of the final products with you.

What you need:
- Cotton tee shirt (we used Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton tee's from Walmart)
- Spray bottle
- Bleach
- Contact paper/Sticker
- Character Silhouette

1: Cut out your silhouette.

2: Tape your silhouette to a sticker or contact paper and cut out the image. Since I'm cheap I used the sticker that came on the shirt.

3: Stick your image to the tee shirt. We also added this circle for some extra details. It was just a crust shield for a pie. I taped it into position and then removed the tape so it didn't leave any lines. For the second picture we covered the rest of the tee to get a different look. 

4: Add a paper bag to the center of the shirt so that the bleach does not go through to the back. 

5: Fill a spray bottle with 1/2 bleach, 1/2 water. We used the travel bottle from Target. You can use any bottle, but make sure it spray's evenly or it will leave funny circle's with the bleach. 

6: Lightly spray the bleach over the tee shirt. It takes a few minute's to start to change color so we spray a little and wait to see how it look's. You can alway's add more. 

7: When you have it the way you like it quickly rinse in cold soapy water. We rinse them in the sink really well and then throw them in the washer right away. 

Here is the final product! 


  1. Super cute! I love how subtle the silhouettes are. Very clever!

  2. Really cute... love how you lay out all the instructions with nice photos. Great!